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boa 5890  
thanks for the recon. I was going to try. I recognise those pics and that name, must be an sp from a few years ago that's return. except with some extra pounds (pun intended)//--> Posted by barleyhops  
I have seen Scarlett a total of 3 times now for a half hour session and each session has gotten better each time. Scarlett is very petite with a thin athletic build. She had reddish hair and smile t//--> Posted by *69  
No not that "Hatrick", 3 days and 3 mind blowing dates, today was topped off with a long overdue "reunion" of sorts, I sent a short notice inquiry to Inaya Byrnes (haven't seen her for probably 18mont//--> Posted by wintersurfer  
Allison Paige  
Sorry about the shifty session. I had a recent unfulfilling session with a premium provider recently as well. Hope you get that monkey off your back soon and have a smashing good time with your next c//--> Posted by Trap Lord  
The gem of Richmond Milky 2567 September edition.  
really? Milky was good but I must be missing something..//--> Posted by infernal  
Helen 1122 / Journey 2598 - GFE Providers  
Hey pooners! It's been a while since I've added any reviews as I've been mainly seeing regulars. There's a couple of new gems on rotation and both provide the GFE that I look for. Helen - 1122 S//--> Posted by skyboy  
Yasmine Love - 9907  
As with many others, my evening(s) were shot because of Angel Monroe's two cancellations on me. I knew the risk I was getting into - no, she has not fixed her booking issues and no, she did not try to//--> Posted by windowshopr  
Allison Paige Toffit  
To say my last few dates have been amazing is an understatement. Today I decided to book 90 min with Allison ($500), contact was quick and very detailed directions were giv//--> Posted by wintersurfer  
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