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  1. New Beautiful Brunette

    Demi 22 years. Beautiful tall leggy busty brunette

    Available for a short time
    Evenings after 9pm
    Call 604-438-7119
  2. BNG ALSO! January ONLY! GFE, Blonde DDD34, 125lbs! Stripper Pole, Brianna Rayne.

  3. My Latest Confession: New Blog Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Ms Erica Phoenix View Post
    January 1, 2017 “Start As You Mean To Go On”

    Not to make too much of resolutions, I’ll just say that I’ve had a lot of success starting new phases in my life on the first of January. I woke up this morning determined to return to doing some of the things that helped me get rid of over 120 pounds as well as to be successful in my work & personal life. Blogging was part of it. I reached a lot of people while I was writing Confessions Of a Cougar Call Girl & updating it regularly,
  4. 2016 PERB Year In Review

    girth-brooks's 2016 Year in review

    SPs that I saw in 2016:

    1 Vivica 9005* (2x)
    2 Heidi Hayes
    3 Tasha 9005 (2x)
    4 Nikki (Kamloops, BC)
    5 Marissa Fox (7x)
    6 Shylynn (Kelowna, BC)
    7 Chanel Lea (Kelowna, BC)
    8 Exotic Myya (2x)
    9 Tiffany 9005
    10 Lyla 9005 (4x)
    11 Kissable Kimberly 9005* (2x)
    12 Skyler Mack (3x)
    13 Ella*
    14 Kate (aka Shea, Tiffany) (Toronto, ON)
    15 Chanel Waters ...

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  5. The 2016 BBB encounters list

    Quote Originally Posted by badbadboy View Post
    Tis the season for a bit of reminiscing about the past year and all the fun sexy times. Lots of fun all of the time and honestly I would repeat with every one of these wonderful women anytime.

    The 2016 BBB encounters list.

    Natalia Bijioux - It's always a fun time with Natalia B. A good friend and friken great memorable sexy times too! Natalia has a gorgeous tattoo full sleeve now.

    Celina xo - one of the premier SP's ever to hit the Vancouver scene. Fun,
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